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420j2 stainless steel strip


Product Description


420J2 stainless steel strip

420J2 stainless steel with a certain wear resistance and corrosion resistance, high hardness, its price is lower stainless steel ball, applicable to the ordinary requirements of stainless steel in the work environment. Suitable for all kinds of precision machinery, bearings, electrical equipment, instruments, meters, means of transport, household appliances, etc.. Used for parts manufacturing, steam, water and oxidizing acid corrosion resistance to atmospheric.

SUS420J2 precision stainless steel strip is dedicated to the production of high-quality steel healds,frames accessories,heddles etc
Type: spring winding, the elastic functional elements, knife with a saw blade materials, steel healds,steel reeds, after the formation of products soft ribbons.

C Mn Si     Cr Ni S P

Brief Description:
thickness 0.1-1.0mm width 1.7-300mm
Common Specifications: 0.3*5.6 0.3*11
Thickness tolerance: ±0.005mm
Hardness:HV270-HV500(Without heat treatment)
Commom sizes:
Other specifications can be customized
Competitive Advantage:
First-class quality, complete specifications, reasonable price, timely delivery and rigorous specified according to customer requirements, suited materials for basic principles, to allow customers to buy satisfaction with assured.