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Mexico initiates the third AD sunset review of carbon steel plates from 3 countries

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The Mexican Economic Secretariat (SE) announced on September 10 that it will initiate the third anti-dumping (AD) sunset review against carbon steel plates in Romania, Russia and Ukraine in response to the application (AHMSA) and SAB of the local company Altos Hornos de México de CV

Mexico began anti-dumping investigations on carbon steel plates from Romania, Russia and Ukraine in August 2003, and then made a final affirmative ruling in September 2005, beginning to impose 67.6%, 36.8%, and 60.1% on the products involved. Anti-dumping duties. From Romania, Russia and Ukraine.

The investigation period for the third AD review is from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020. The TIGIE codes of the products involved are 7208.51.01, 7208.51.02, 7208.51.03, 7208.52.01, 7225.40.01 and 7225.40. .02.

During the investigation, the current anti-dumping measures against the products involved are still effective.