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US’ steel imports increase in Apr m-o-m, y-o-y

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According to preliminary census data from the US Department of Commerce, in April, the US’ steel product imports increased by 11.3% month on month and climbed by 17.6% year on year to about 2.54 million tons. The import value totaled about US$3.03 billion, increasing by 9.8% from the previous month but dropping by 6.5% year on year.

Among them, the import sources included Canada (about 533,000 tons), Mexico (about 384,000 tons), Brazil (about 350,000 tons), South Korea (about 189,000 tons), and Vietnam (about 132,000 tons).

During the same period, the semi-finished, flat, long, and tube steel product imports were about 629,000 tons, 993,000 tons, 481,000 tons, and 343,000 tons, respectively.