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Global steel markets remain stable, while China's performance might stand out due to robust macroeconomic factors

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During the last week, steel prices of different countries in the global market showed various trends. For semi-finished products, the Chinese export price of square billet increased slightly while the Vietnamese price of the same product decreased slightly due to low demand.

As for long products, since favorable factors continue functioning on the macro level, both the futures and spot prices of long products enhance. During the last week, China's export prices of long products slightly increased. Generally, Asian long product prices remain stable at the moment. As for flat products, in the last week, the Vietnamese imported hot-rolled coil quotations drew an uptrend line.

The global steel market remains steady, with China standing out due to robust macroeconomic factors. However, overall demand hasn't seen a significant improvement compared to the previous week. Prices are expected to remain fluctuations.