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Canada maintains AD & CVD duties on welded large diameter line pipes from China, Japan

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The Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) announced its ruling regarding the anti-dumping (AD) measure on welded large diameter carbon and alloy steel line pipe from China and Japan and the countervailing duty (CVD) measure on these products from China, finding that the expiry of the existing AD and CVD orders was likely to result in injury.

Therefore, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will continue to impose AD and CVD duties on these products.

The products involved are welded large diameter carbon and alloy steel line pipes with an outside diameter greater than 609.6 mm and less than or equal to 1524 mm.

The HS codes for products involved before February 4, 2021 are 7305.11.00.22, 7305.11.00.23, 7305.11.00.24, 7305.11.00.25, 7305.12.00.21, 7305.12.00.22, 7305.12.00.23, 7305.12.00.24, 7305.19.00.22, 7305.19.00.23, 7305.19.00.24, and 7305.19.00.25, and those from February 4, 2021 were revised to 7305.11.00.41, 7305.11.00.42, 7305.11.00.43, 7305.11.00.44, 7305.11.00.49, 7305.12.00.41, 7305.12.00.42, 7305.12.00.43, 7305.12.00.44, 7305.12.00.49, 7305.19.00.22, 7305.19.00.23, 7305.19.00.24, and 7305.19.00.25.