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China’s coke imports, exports decrease in Apr m-o-m

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According to statistics from China Customs, China’s coke imports totaled around 39,000 tons in April, falling by 31.2% month on month. China imported 150,000 tons of coke in the first fourth months of 2022, a year-on-year decrease of 79%.

Among them, the imports from Japan accounted for 75.8% in April, with approximately 30,000 tons. In the first four months of this year,
The total coke imports from Japan were roughly 111,000 tons, accounting for 74% of China’s coke imports, followed by Columbia's 26,000 tons, nearly 17.6%.

In terms of coke exports, China exported around 2.2 million tons of coke in the first four months of this year, increasing by 8.5% year on year. However, in April alone, the exports from China were around 638,000, dropping by 5.2% month on month.

Japan was the main country that imported coke from China, with nearly 470,000 and accounted for 20.9%, followed by India’s 301,000 tons and Vietnam’s 243,000 tons, accounted for 13.4% and 10.8%, respectively.