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EUROFER: EU finished steel imports increase by 35% in 2021

发布时间:[2022-5-13 12:52:13]    浏览量:297次
According to the report, the European Steel Association (EUROFER) stated that the total import of European Union’s finished steel products, flat products, and long products rose by 35%, 40%, and 21% in 2021, respectively.

Among them, Turkey, India, Russia, South Korea, and Ukraine accounted for 51% of the EU's total imports of finished steel. Turkey and India are the EU's main countries of finished steel products accounting for 15.4% and 12.2%, followed by Russia, Ukraine, and South Korea accounted for 9%, 7.4%, and 6%, respectively.

In January this year, EU imports of finished steel products increased by 53% year-on-year, while imports of flat and long products increased by 62% and 27% respectively.