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Carbon steel plate prices soar in European market

发布时间:[2022-3-14 11:51:19]    浏览量:126次
It was reported that the domestic prices of carbon steel plate in Europe have risen sharply this week, mainly due to slab supply shortage caused by the Russo-Ukrainian war and higher energy costs.

European trader mentioned that Italian and Czech mills purchased slabs from Russia and Ukraine before, so the mills' production of carbon steel plate will be highly concerned at present.

The market estimated that its slab inventory of Italian mills can only support about one month, and most European mills have also stopped the regular supply. It was understood that the slabs from Brazil and India are the primary options, but the delivery is at least one month. Besides, the two countries' supply may be difficult to meet actual demand.

According to statistics, for the price of carbon steel plate at 8-40mm, the weekly increase in the southern European market was around EUR 340-400/ton, and the weekly increase in the northern European market was EUR 300-380/ton.