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Ukrainian steel industry accounts for one-tenth of European steel imports

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Currently, Ukraine is the second-largest exporter of grains in the world, and the steel industry and military industry are also developed.

Moreover, a large amount of natural gas is transported from Russia to the EU through the Ukrainian pipelines. Ukraine is also rich in iron ore and coal resources, and Donbas is the largest coal field in Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainian Steelmaking Industry Association UKRFelightprom, Ukrainian crude steel production increased by 3.6% in 2021 to 21.4 million tons; pig iron production rose by 3.6% to 21.2 million tons; rolled steel production rose by 3.5% to 19.1 million tons; steel pipe production fell by 15% to 980,000 tons.

Ukrainian steel accounts for about one-tenth of European steel imports, and any disruption to mills or shipments could tighten Europe's market and could push steel prices to remain high after last year's record.

According to the Ukraine Port Authority (USPA), about 60% of ferrous metals were exported through Black Sea ports such as Odessa.