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EU steel industry requesting stricter import protection policies

发布时间:[2020-11-2 20:43:23]    浏览量:51次
The COVID-19 epidemic has caused a sharp drop in demand in the EU steel industry this year. In addition, it is the time of Brexit. The negotiation is resumed in London, which is trying to reach a trade agreement at the last minute.

Brexit is still a threat as the negotiation on a future trade agreement is likely to break down. The EU steel industry has been prepared for the possibility.

Coupled with the impact of the epidemic on industries, EU steel consumption will drop significantly this year. Although it was expected that there will be a rebound next year, it also depended on the recovery after the second wave of the epidemic.

Although imports have declined as demand drops, considering that China’s steel production continues to rise, which may lead to a surge in exports in the future, the European steel industry called on the EU to adopt stricter protective measures.